If you have checked out the current fashion trends, you will notice that African native style clothes are taking over the industry. Women are now confident and can wear African print skirt styles unlike before when everyone wanted to dress like the Westerners. Not only are African print pencil skirts elegant, but they are also versatile and every woman desires to have them.

These skirts are designed either to be slightly below the knee or above the knee. Due to this, they flaunt various shapes to suit the different shapes of an African woman’s body. Since the designs are countless, it is impossible to miss a suitable skirt to suit your needs. You can wear these skirts on a lunch date with friends or family members, to a job interview, or any other desired destination provided that you know how to accessorize properly. This piece will outline different pencil skirt styles and tops for pencil skirts. Keep reading to know more.

Tops to wear with pencil skirts?

What kind of top to wear with a pencil skirt? Here are different types of tops you can get to adorn with your pencil skirt outfits:

1. Peplum tops- One of the fresh ways to wear your African print pencil skirt is with a jacket or peplum top. If you get a belted silhouette, it will make your waist look small and still expose your hourglass shape. When adorned with a long skirt, it will give you a slim, tall appearance. This look is ideal for slimming a full waist and creating a waist-like shape if you have a boyish figure. Either way, you will have a glamorous look that will not go out of style.

2. Feminine blouse- To attain a ladylike look while wearing your African print pencil skirt, consider pairing it with a feminine blouse. Pick something ruffled or lacy or even a sheer top. A floral top or pretty print can also work with a pencil skirt, even a grey pencil skirt outfit. You may add traditional accessories such as pearls to achieve that outstanding feminine look.

3. Color block tops -What to wear with a black pencil skirt? If you have been asking yourself this question, then today is your lucky day. A one-colored top is a complementary hue if you want to attain a cool and simple color blocking approach.

4. Crop tops- Crop tops are back, and they are more sophisticated than ever before. Rather than the simple cotton tank or tee, now crop tops come in wide range of luxe fabrics and eye-catching prints. You can create a chic and sexy look by pairing your African print pencil skirt with a crop top. Don’t forget to accessorize. Now let us check out different African print pencil skirt designs.

Kitenge pencil skirts There are uncountable designs of African print pencil skirts on the market to suit every woman’s taste, shape, and preference. You can own as many outfits as possible with a different design. Here is a list of some African pencil skirt designs and tips on how to wear them. Read more: https://www.tuko.co.ke/283196-how-wear-pencil-skirts.html#283196