GTBank Fashion Weekend 2019 held on the 9th and 10th of November 2019 with top designers present to showcase their latest collections.

Chukwuka Nzotta in a coversation with Shaakara said :

My outfit is from @Official_vintage_nigeria. My outfit was inspired by the the antagonist of the star wars movie “Darth Vader”

I felt I could recreate this character’s look in a more subtle and fashion friendly way.
I styled myself from top to finishing, trying different accessories until i found the perfect match.

I have the mask on which a dealer got for me from china, I shopped my jewelries randomly from different stores.
My Chelsea boot is by Funsho footwear brand and my fanny pack is from @ghopher_house!

I must say that GTB Fashion Weekend gets better each year. I was here last year too it was great and these years it’s so much better.
From the master class to the runway; saving the best for the last, i had so much fun, connected and felt great when so many people loved and admired my look.